We know that what our kids eat at school matters and that’s why GROW NS- a project of Agri-Futures NS has been working on a campaign asking for a federal investment in a universal, cost-shared healthy school food program. Nourish NS and the Ecology Action Centre have been working for several years on this initiative alongside the Coalition for Healthy School Food, CHSF.

Evidence shows that when students are well-nourished through the day, their health, classroom behaviour, and learning outcomes improve. Universal healthy school food programs contribute to food literacy and establishing healthy eating patterns now and into the future.

There are many reasons students come to school hungry, including long commutes, early morning practices, not being hungry when they wake up, busy family routines, and household food insecurity. Students spend most of their day in school. Our schools provide a perfect opportunity to offer nourishment, and support healthy eating patterns and increase food literacy, regardless of household income.

Yet, Canada is the only G7 country without a national school food program. With this in mind perhaps it’s no surprise that Canada was ranked 37th out of 41 countries when it comes to providing access to healthy food for kids.

You will find a postcard included in this newsletter. We invite you to send this postcard to your Member of Parliament (MP) or to a Senator. No postage is required if you send it to the House of Commons address for your MP or Senator. Contact info for politicians can be found at: www.agri-futures.ns.ca/politicalcontacts .

Your voice is important- #SpeakUp4SchoolFood. For more information, resources and a link to the National petition please visit: www.nourish.ca/speakup .