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Past Funding Programs

Agri-Futures Nova Scotia has been successfully delivering programs on behalf of the Government of Canada for more than 15 years. Throughout this time, Agri-Futures have become a leader in conceptualizing, developing, applying for, and managing new projects and initiatives on behalf of agriculture. In total, Agri-Futures has delivered more than $16 million into NS agriculture projects. The funding programs have included:

Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development (CARD)

Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food (ACAAF)

Biofuels Opportunities for Producers Initiative  (BOPI)

Canadian Agriculture Adaptation Program (CAAP)


Agri-Futures Nova Scotia offers complete program delivery services- from program conception until final project completion including:

  • Developing and implementing program parameters
  • Cultivating applicants
  • Project proposal review and extensive due diligence
  • Adherence to transparent service standard guidelines
  • Third party, arm’s length, proposal review by the AFNS BOD
  • Writing and executing contracts
  • Claims review and processing
  • Detailed reporting and record keeping
  • Communications

Under the CAAP program, service standards were tracked for projects regarding: the number of business days for the application review and notification of funding (20 days); the contribution agreement creation process (10 days); and for the financial payments categories (10 days). Service Standards for those three areas were all exceeded with a rounded average of 17 business days, 4 business days and 3 business days recorded for each, respectively. The level of service that applicants received is a source of pride for our organization. Our administrative costs were 10.7% for delivery of CAAP!

Please contact the AFNS Executive Director, Janette McDonald, to discuss your program delivery needs.

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